• Image of Pigsface Cushion
  • Image of Pigsface Cushion
  • Image of Pigsface Cushion

Inspired by my travels through East Gippsland the Carpobrotus Rossi aka Native Pigsface or Karkalla is the first new design as part of my upcoming collection "90 Mile Beach".

Native Pigsface can commonly be found on sand dunes and cliffs along the Victorian, South Australia and Tasmanian coastlines.

Both the fruit and the leaves were used as a food source by Indigenous Australians.

Recipes can now be found to use Native Pigsface in jams, jellies and cakes!

Handmade and printed with water-based pigment inks in Melbourne Australia. All Cushions are highly lightfast and will not fade easily in the sun.

Size & fabric content: 40cm x 40cm, 100% linen.

Care Instructions: Gentle Hand wash, dry flat, warm iron.

Shipping: Each cushion is pressed, folded in tissue paper and sealed in a waterproof package with firm cardboard to prevent damage.

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